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Guidelines - recommendations

How not to lecture in a classroom

I stumbled on this interesting document from McGill University, called “Tips for Engaging Students in Learning: Alternatives to Lecture”. The table of contents seems promising:

Ground Rules
Wait Time
Give Me Five
Provide Positive Reinforcement
The Rule of Ten and Two
Think, Pair, Share
The 60 Second Buzz
60-60, 30-30
Something I Have Learned and Something I Can Use
Free Write
The One Minute Paper
Group Activities
Preview the Topic
Begin the Class with a Check- in
Finding a Partner
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Values Line
How to Kill Your Students with PowerPoint
Make a Commercial What is Bothering You Today?

Attendance Exercise
Self-esteem Exercise

Assessment Concordia University Guidelines - recommendations

AACSB Accreditation Standards

I am very lucky to be a business librarian at Concordia University – this is true on so many levels! Of all the reasons, the fact that the John Molson School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) may be a boon to work towards integrating information literacy in the curriculum.

As their website shows, the AACSB has Accreditation Standards to which JMSB must adhere to. These include the concept of total quality management – or making the most of the resources you have. It also assists in comparing business school together. Every so often, accredited schools must undergo a review process (audit), which serves as a nice entry point should you want to propose changes to how things are done – an external review fosters the feeling of continuous improvement.

For example, the “Assurance of Learning Standards” offers a few points where a library could have a positive impact… these are straightforward issues that school educators must report back on – so they are easily actionnable!